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UPDATE: 26 May 2020

I have been receiving a lot of messages from readers saying that their accounts have been disabled shortly after they create them. It seems as though the cellphone method does not work for many people anymore as ClickBank has cracked down on it and their account gets deleted immediately when accessed on a PC.

If this doesn’t work then you have to use a VPN whenever you access ClickBank. The one that I use is PureVPN.

ClickBank is one of the biggest and most popular affiliate marketing networks in the world. They have a long list of affiliate products that internet marketers can promote. All of their products are hosted on their website, that you can browse to see more.

Can You Use ClickBank In South Africa?

You can use ClickBank from South Africa, and practically anywhere in the world. Your audience can also be from anywhere in the world. It is an online business so it is not limited by location. Some South Africans have encountered problems in setting up their ClickBank account and are not allowed to do it because their region is not accepted. This problem is only linked to the sign up process. There are two ways around this process.

The first is to simply sign up from your cell phone. For most people, this usually solves the problem. You can sign up from your phone and, thereafter, access your ClickBank account from your desktop.

In the unlikely event that the first option does not work, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which allows you to sign up for region locked programs easily. A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network across the internet. In other words, using a VPN, you can make your computer seem like it is located in a different country. This will help you to circumvent some annoying issues like region-locking as is the case in being unable to join ClickBank from South Africa.

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How Does ClickBank Pay To South Africa?

If you are using ClickBank from South Africa, you will have to get a Payoneer Account. Unfortunately, ClickBank does not pay directly into a PayPal account. The three ways that ClickBank pays are by a mailed cheque, by direct deposit or by Payoneer. The first two present a lot of obstacles if you are operating from South Africa so Payoneer is the best option.

Payoneer is a reputable online payment gateway that we use for freelancing and for popular affiliate programs like Amazon Associates. You can read our article on how to set up a Payoneer account and how to withdraw your money from Payoneer to a South African bank account.

How To Set Up Payoneer on ClickBank

  1. Login to ClickBank
  2. Click the Settings Tab
  3. Look for your payment information at the bottom of the page and click on Edit
  4. Choose Direct Deposit in the Payment Information Editor. The information entry screen will be shown
  5. Choose “Unites States” as your country
  6. Choose “New York City” as your city
  7. Use the information from your Payoneer acccount for Bank Name, Account Number and Routing Number
  8. Choose Checking Account as your account type
  9. Save your changes. You will get an email from Clickbank to confirm the changes

My Opinion On ClickBank

Unlike other big affiliate networks, ClickBank specializes in informational products. This means that a lot of the products found there aren’t physical products. One thing that we take issue with ClickBank is that the quality control there is limited compared to other big affiliate networks. A lot of the products found there are not of much value to buyers and border on unethical. So if you care about your reputation with your audience, then you would have to do a lot of research into any products that you find on Clixsense before marketing them to your audience.

ClickBank does, however, remain popular because of the large share of revenue that many of the products offer to affiliates. The products there range from as high as 50% to even 85% commission on sales of the products. This is largely because the creator of the digital product does not have overhead costs. Once the information product is created, it is duplicated at the click of a button. So the major input to the value of the product is created by the marketer and not the product itself, so the creator can get more sales by getting more people to market the product with an enticing high commission.

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Alternatives To ClickBank

There are products that have high commissions but they are not as easy to sell because of possible trust issues. The lack of trial periods on many of the products also requires a big commitment from customers which will cause most to shy away. For products to convert well, the customer either has to have an existing relationship with the product or knowledge of the brand to buy easily. Better alternatives that offer these features are Amazon’s Associate Program, which sells products that people are already looking for.

The main affiliate platform that I use to make money is Wealthy Affiliate. The bulk of my commissions in the Make Money Online niche come from there. They also have resources that teach you how to make money in a niche of your choosing, which is where I ended up shifting my focus.  Wealthy Affiliate has a free membership and a premium one, both of which pay out commissions for referrals. It converts quite well for me since with the free membership you are able to ascertain whether what you are buying into is valuable, and commit after testing it for yourself. You can check it out by clicking on the button below.

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Money-Making Potential of ClickBank In South Africa

In South Africa, ClickBank does not offer the same potential as it does across the globe because South Africans at large are not yet comfortable buying online. There is still lack of trust to online shopping and it will take time for consumers to get used to online transacting. This is even more so with digital products. There is also the fact that the South African consumer base for online spending is comparatively small.

So if you are selling digital products, to increase your chances of success, you have to target a wider audience. You can do this by making your content appeal to any- and everyone, and not including localized nuances that will exclude other people, such as speaking a vernacular language or referring to things that are only available in a specific country.


ClickBank is definitely available in South Africa but it’s applicability is comparatively limited. There is a large selection of products to promote. You should make sure to do sufficient research before you promote the products, so that you can back up what you are selling to your followers. You can sign up for ClickBank on their website, and if you are struggling, you can try any of the workarounds mentioned above.

Have you had success with Clickbank? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

70 thoughts on “Clickbank In South Africa”

  1. I tried logging in from my phone but it still gives me the error message ,I am not very tech orientated but I know my way around certain function .So I really appreciate if you told how create an account with a VPN

    Thanks !

    • Hello Rino.

      Just so you know, VPNs are not free. Here is the link to the one that I use.

      Once you install it, there will be a Wizard that takes you through how to use it. But in short, all you have to do is go to the “Personalized Selection” menu and then choose the country and city. So if you choose New York, for example, your computer will access the net through a server in New York. So the internet will see you as being in New York.

      You can then just open your browser, go ClickBank and set up.

  2. By reading this article I am extremely impressed by the honesty and goal of your blog as a whole. Keep it up, I will now be looking for other things to learn from your online business guide.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Logan.

      The beauty of this digital age is that information is valuable and if you give people helpful information, you can benefit from it.

      It’s a win-win for everybody.

      • Hi Greg.
        I came across your name in a CLICKBANK blog.
        Perhaps you can help me…
        I’m trying to subscribe to a tipster in the UK that offers pmnts thru CLICKBANK..i keep getting told that the pmnt is in unsuccessful…I even created a VPN (Atlas) see if thar could help…stil no success.
        Regards Dion Boardman (South Africa).

        • Hi Dion.
          “Payments through Clickbank” – That doesn’t make sense. Clickbank is not a payment service. It is an e-product portal. Payment services are things like Payoneer, Paypal, Skrill etc. You can’t send money to ClickBank so I don’t know how you would be using them to pay.

  3. Hi Greg,

    I tried both registering through my phone as well as using a VPN but I still get the same message. Do you still select country as South Africa on both the personal info and the banking info or do you select another country there as well (don’t see the use going through VPN if you are telling them where you are from)?


    • Hi Estiaan, Sorry for the late response.

      As you have said, the whole point of a VPN is to hide your location. So when you are using a VPN, you must set it to a country where Clickbank is allowed. Have a look at my response to Rino in the comments up above.

  4. Hi Greg

    I am still Unable to create account. I have tried on my phone. I have tried With a VPN. I even got a US address & number. I still get “Thank you for your interest in ClickBank!
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer you an account at this time. Click here for more information.”
    Please help!!

  5. I am from Botswana and just want to enquire about the legalities and consequences if using vpn. What if one is caught using vpn? Is it legit? Is psyoneer available for Botswana?

    • Hi Chipo.

      Using a VPN is legal in most countries in the world. If you are using it to access Clickbank, for example, there is no issue to its usage. If you are using it for illegal activities, however, then that is something that would have legal ramifications.

      Payoneer is available to any country in the world. It works by sending a SWIFT payment to international bank accounts, or with a Payoneer debit card that can be used at any ATM that supports VISA or MasterCard worldwide.

  6. Hi Greg.

    Thanks for the advice. The last time I received payment from Clickbank was in 2013, by cheque. I spent almost a full day at the bank to get the cheque cleared. (and it can only be done at certain branches) It’s great to know that I can use Payoneer now.

  7. Thank you for this amazing post/blog
    I want to start doing some stuff through ClickBank and soon realized that it is not available in South Africa, and then
    I saw your post.

    Please take me step by step through the process.
    1. You need a VPN there is no way around this?
    2. You set up your Clickbank account via the VPN and set it to the USA with a false address and phone number?
    3. You create a Payoneer account using your legit SA info
    4. Did you set up your Payoneer account on Clickbank but as a USA account?
    5. You sell and earn, How do you withdraw funds from Payoneer in SA?
    I really like your content and have bookmarked this page to share with like-minded friends.
    I just needed some clarity on the above before investing in a VPN.

    Thanks again keep the content coming.


    • Hi Chris,

      1) If the other methods like trying other devices haven’t worked then VPN is your last option.
      2) When you sign up for a VPN it will always have a guide on how to use that VPN.
      3) Yes, you create a Payoneer account with your genuine details
      4) After you have created a Payoneer account, you will have access to 3 checking accounts that you can use to receive money, one for USD, EUR and GBP. When you set up your banking details on Clickbank, you will use the banking details from your checking account that you have on Payoneer.
      5) Here is the post I wrote that explains how to withdraw from Payoneer.

      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t really work on this website anymore, though. I’m more focused my international websites now but I’m always here to respond to comments.

  8. “…Use the information from your Payoneer acccount for Bank Name, Account Number and Routing Number.” I really enjoyed your attention to detail in your blog, its the best I have seen so far. I am however confused with how to proceed after setting up the click bank account and payoneer accounts. I chose the bank city to be New york so am confused which details am I now giving as the bank name, account number and routing number. Is it those of my local bank if not then where can I find it in the payoneer site. Please help. If you can give perhaps screenshots like you have done in your other posts it will be most helpful. Thank you once again for a very detailed blog, I can’t wait to learn something new from your blog.

    • Seems, I found the solution to my question please confirm if am right. I just needed to go to global payment services and choose
      USD as the receiving account and all the details, I was looking for is there. Thanks again.

      • Hi Evans.That is correct.

        If you check the response to Chris right above your comment, it is explained just as you have stated. I should integrate it into the article tomorrow.

        And thank you for your kind words! I am glad you found the article helpful.

  9. Hello bro, I unfortunately got this error message after doing what I just said
    “the account changes you are attempting to make cannot be completed”
    thats the message I receive after the changes have been saved, it sends a verifying message to my email and when I follow the Iink, it gives me that message. I am really curious as to how you solved that. I tried using epic browser and I set the country to be USA east coast ( VPN intergrated browser) but unfortunately it doesnt go past the login page so am stack and out of ideas. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated.

    • I never received that error. If you managed to sign up for an account then it is no longer a location issue so I don’t think the VPN makes a difference anymore, since you are blocked from signing up based on location and it tells you so.. You might have to either try it at a different time, using a different browser, or asking ClickBank. The error doesn’t give a reason so there is no way to tell what’s wrong.

  10. @ Greg and it works like a charm. I tried at a different time as suggested and voila, its working. I can’t wait to start receiving my first online money. Thank you so much and I will keep watching this space for new insights. Thank you bro.

    • You’re welcome. I don’t really post much to this website anymore. My daily efforts are focused on a totally different niche.
      If you are new to affiliate marketing then I recommend you check out the platform I recommend up above. From the free membership alone you can learn a lot of key things and there is a large community of members who are very helpful.
      All the best man.

  11. I Chris,
    First of all I liked your article so much as it’s really helpful.
    But please clarify me on the proper steps to set it up:

    1. Install and enable a VPN (set it using USA servers as if I’m located in the USA)
    2. Signup for Clickbank as if I’m in the USA
    3. Signup for Payoneer with my legit details as a South African
    4. Integrate or configure Payoneer into Clickbank (using your steps in the article)
    5. After sells withdraw the amount from Clickbank to Payoneer
    6. I can get a Payoneer card and start using my money or pay $35 for bank transaction

    Could you please validate if my full process is totally correct? Thanks a lot.

    • It depends on where you are and if your location is allowed. If you can find another way to sign up in South Africa without VPN then go with it. But for the most part, VPN is the best way to get around region-locking.

    • If nothing major has changed from when I signed up, the phone number part is not important. If it won’t take yours, just use a fake number.

  12. Hello my name is Mpho Maqhubu am from South Africa I opened a clickbank affiliate account and immediately after that it got disabled am worried since I have been doing a months of research on affliate marketing and its an industry that I would love to join please offer me on tips on how to fix this

    • Hi Mpho. If ClickBank disabled your account then I don’t know. This is the first I hear of someone being disabled.
      There’s a lot more to affiliate marketing thank ClickBank though so you can look around for programs that suit you. I use and promote Wealthy Affiliate which I found to be the best for me.

  13. Hi Greg,
    I have never tried affiliate programs. In you opinion, can one make a living (R5k+) through affiliate programs here in South Africa?


    • Yes you can. But it’s not an overnight thing and there is hard work involved. It took me 6 months to get my income to R5000 and past that.

  14. Hi Greg – I have followed your steps and all is good, However when i log onto Clickbank (after successfully) creating an account i am setting my person info address , phone number etc (from NY USA) and then it is asking me “How would i like to be paid” – Payee name and TAX ID. How do i get around the TAX ID part. I cant leave it blank ? Many thanks Mark

  15. Got this message after trying to sign up with 2 accounts at CLickbank from ZA. How can I get it to work?

    “Account Disabled
    We appreciate your interest in ClickBank. Based on a review of your profile information, we are unable to offer you a ClickBank account at this time.
    This decision is final. Inquiries through our support channels regarding this decision will not change this account status.
    No further action is required. Thank you for your understanding.”

    • The original workaround was signing up using a phone. Now what happens is that soon after you have created the account, your account is deleted because you are in South Africa. So if you want to get around this, you will have to use a VPN, which lets you access ClickBank from a server in, for example, the USA. This means ClickBank sees you as being from USA (or whichever country you choose).

      It’s the same way people use VPNs to subscribe to the American option of Netflix because the South African version is limited.

  16. Hi Greg, I’m busy setting up my payoneer account, but as i’m following the steps you suggest above, i came to where i need to fill in the payoneer account details – the only place i can find the account and routing numbers is under USA approved accounts – however there it mentions that this is only available to local US banks. Is this really the correct route to follow? Thanx for any assistance.

  17. Hi Greg

    Do I need VPN to link paypal with Clickbank ? Coz it’s not allowing me to connect , it says no PayPal account to link with Clickbank.
    Click on Connect now
    Than click on setting
    Thank click on payment setting
    Than it says no PayPal account to link.

  18. Hi Greg
    My Issue here is ive already added my payoneer bank account but now when I try to make a purchase online via PayPal my money gets reversed back to my account after a minutes or so. Coz ive linked my bank card with paypal . The payment is from my card straight to clickbank via paypal. Or I need to fund PayPal and buy straight from there? Or how do I purchase ? Or do I need to link PayPal with paypal?. Im really frustrated.

    • This is a bit confusing. You mention Payoneer at the start, and then PayPal after that. Those are two separate payment systems. I have not used PayPal for ClickBank but here are possible reasons from the ClickBank website as to why your transaction might be getting reversed.

      You must meet the following criteria in order to offer PayPal as a payment method:

      -You must have an active ClickBank vendor account, a ClickBank master account, and have paid the one-time activation fee
      -The currency for the sale must be in U.S. dollars and you must have U.S. dollars as an accepted currency in your PayPal account
      -The product must have a sales price greater than $10 U.S. dollars
      -The full order, including any subscription products and any upsell flows, must contain an affiliate commission rate of 75% or lower
      -The offer cannot contain a seller joint venture (JV) contract

  19. Hi my name is Salome I want to buy this aodio casset law of attraction to buy they said I can pay them through clickbank how do I do it I’m in South Africa

  20. Hi Greg, thanks for the great article. I had no idea how & why VPNs but I am now sorted.

    But one question remains, if I have to use VPN server everytime I login to Clickbank or just for signup/registration purposes?

    • Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t know that answer to that question since I use a VPN virtually all the time. You could always test it out and let us know how that goes.😆

  21. Hi I live in South Africa and I have tried to sign up for CLICKBANK twice from my laptop without a VPN and this is the message that comes up. Please assist

    “Account Disabled
    We appreciate your interest in Click Bank. Based on a review of your profile information, we are unable to offer you a Click Bank account at this time.
    This decision is final. Inquiries through our support channels regarding this decision will not change this account status.
    No further action is required. Thank you for your understanding.”

    • You have to use a VPN. ClickBank does not allow you to set one up if you are in SA. The only way now is to use a VPN and set up using another country (e.g. USA).

  22. Hi Greg, I was Interested in Clickbank but after reading this article i clicked on another link that took me to Wealth Affiliate, I am learning alot thank you.

    • You are welcome. That’s honestly the best place to be if you want to properly learn how online business works. No “shortcuts” or “get rich quick” tactics.
      You just need to put in the time and effort and you you will make it work.
      All the best!

  23. Hi Greg,

    I have a few questions hopefully you could help, I have been researching the topic of Affiliate marketing for some time and have a few other sources of alternate income going on as well. So I have a wise account (inter bank transfers are supposed to be a little less than payoneer) how did you go about getting the US based phone number and address?

    At the end of the day is Clickbank worth all the effort or have you come across another platform that you find a little more worth your while?

    • It depends on what your website and content is about. My website is about making money online. The platform that has been most worthwhile for me and that I promote promote above all others is WA.


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