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Payoneer South Africa: How To Set Up

Payoneer is one of the major global payments methods available in South Africa. You can use it to withdraw money into your local bank account, to an e-wallet, or to a debit card that you can order from Payoneer that you can use at ATMs or Point-of-Sale tills

Payoneer is fast becoming a contender on the world of online global payments. It was created in 2005 with a focus on opening US sites to vendors in developing nations. It is available in a lot of developing countries where PayPal is not available. You can use Payoneer to send and receive money from aboard.

Sign Up To Payoneer In South Africa

To sign up for Payoneer, head over to their website and click the sign up button. First decision is whether you will be opening an account as an individual or a company. If you are an individual you wil input your personal details such as your name and surname, email address and date of birth. In order to sign up for Payoneer you will need to be at least 18 years old.

Payoneer Landing Page

Personal Details

In the next step you will have to fill in your address details and phone number. You must use a phone number that you will remember because it will be used for verification in later stages.

Security Details

Next up you will need to set up security details. These are your passwords and security questions that you will have to answer to access your account in case you forget your details or are locked out. These questions are very important and they must be questions you can answer even in your sleep.

If you do business online business you can have thousands of dollars in your account and you must always ensure that you are able to access your account. It might even be a good idea to write the answers down and to put in a physical safe that you can access in case you forget. In the sign up process, you will only be requested to create one security question, but you will need three in total to start using Payoneer.

Setting Up Banking Details

The final step will be to set up your account details. This will serve to link your Payoneer account to the local bank account that you will draw your money to. Your personal details you should naturally have access to. If you are new to global payments you might be unfamiliar with SWIFT code which is always necessary for direct deposits from abroad.

Each of the different banks have a SWIFT code that all the users use. You can simply google the SWIFT account of your bank accordingly. At this time, the SWIFT codes for the different South African banks are as follows.

  • Nedbank: NEDSZAJJ
  • Absa: ABSAZAJJ
  • Standard Bank: SBZAZAJJ
  • Capitec: CABLZAJJ

Once you have input your banking information, your application is completed and will undergo a review process. You will receive notification to tell you that you have completed the application successfully. You will also receive an email for account verification.

Account Verification

To verify your Payoneer account, all you have to do is open the email and then click the link, and your account is verified.

You can now login to Payoneer. On your first login, you will be required to create two additional security questions, as mentioned earlier. Once this is done, you can access Payoneer and when is your account is reviewed (which takes a few business days) you will receive an update and be able to transact.

Payoneer Interface

Withdrawing Money Locally

Most online business owners and freelancers will be interested in how to withdraw money from Payoneer. Once you have received money from an overseas benefactor, you can either have it paid to your bank account or to a Payoneer debit card.

Can I Use The Payoneer Card In South Africa?

The Payoneer card is a MasterCard Debit Card which means that it can be used at local ATMs or tills. Once you have set up your Payoneer account you can order the debit card, which will take about two weeks to be delivered to you.

Why Do I Need Payoneer?

Online earning is diverse and you will often earn money from different sources such as affiliate marketing programmes and freelancing gigs. Different sources will offer different payment methods so you are likely to run into the need for each one of the major payment platforms.

The biggest affiliate programme in the world is Amazon. If you want to make money through amazon affiliate marketing from outside of the US in countries such as South Africa, you will be payed out through Payoneer. That is if want to use a global payment system rather than a mailed cheque. One of the biggest paid survey platforms, ClixSense, also use Payoneer as the main payment method for people outside of the US.

8 thoughts on “Payoneer South Africa: How To Set Up”

  1. hi i received my payoneer card . now i want to know how i can deposit money/link my card with my bank in order to pay online. please reply its urgent. im in south africa

    1. Hi Leonle. Were you trying to type the date in?
      There is a calendar on the right that you must click, then it will allow you to choose the date. Let me know if that solves your problem.

    1. Hi Mohamed. Payoneer is a great alternative to PayPal. It’s great because you don’t necessarily have to create a FNB Profile and you also don’t have to wait more than a week like when you withdraw from PayPal. I highly recommend signing up. The process is covered pretty well in this article but let me know if you have any point you’re stuck on.

  2. Does Payoneer offer an online payment method if I need to refund a customer overseas, that does not have a Payoneer account?

    1. Hello Stan,

      You can’t do direct transfers with Payoneer. You can only send the money from one Payoneer account to another, or withdraw the money to a bank account that is linked to your Payoneer account.
      It’s the same with other global payment systems like PayPal.

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