The Gig Economy: What It Means For South Africans

Gig Economy South Africa

Follow Tweet EmailThe gig economy is the rising trend of temporary jobs where employers are opting to hire independent contractors and freelancers over permanent employees. Technology has allowed the proliferation of the gig economy because it brings together mutual parties in an efficient manner. With platforms like Uber and AirBnB, you have a property that … Read more

How to set up SARS eFiling for Business

SARS eFiling for business

Follow Tweet EmailWith eFiling, your return can be filed in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. The system is very useful but can be very tricky when you have not familiarised yourself with it. Information on how to register yourself for tax types is available but is hidden among a … Read more

SARS eFiling: How To Authorise Users

SARS eFiling

Follow Tweet EmaileFiling allows you to submit returns for both yourself as an individual and for your business. Most business people have an individual profile first and the business one comes later. Before you can do can manage the tax affairs for your business, you have to register the business as a second taxpayer on … Read more

Dropshipping in South Africa – All You Need to Know


Follow Tweet EmailDropshipping in South Africa is a topic that is recently attracting a lot of interest but information on how to operate it is very limited. Internationally, it is an income strategy that has allowed people who have access to an audience to sell their products around the globe from anywhere in the world. … Read more