Telkom Mobile Data Prices

Telkom Mobile Data Prices are Easily the best in South Africa. Telkom has done a lot for the data landscape and in bringing the overall price of data down. Among calls from South Africans from movements like #DataMustFall, Telkom has been leading the way on this front for a good number of years now.

The great majority of South Africans depend on mobile data for their data needs and it has historically been quite unaffordable. With online entrepreneurship on the rise and the wider proliferation of social media, it is essential for data to be affordable so that South Africa can keep up with the rest of the world in advancement. Telkom was the first to bring mobile data on par with ADSL in terms of pricing. Data is definitely more affordable that it has ever been

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Telkom Mobile Data Packages

Telkom offers different data rates in different tariff plans. There are the mixed use packages which offer benefits on both call rates and data. There are also specified data like that which packages and service. An example is the Telkom LIT plan which is focused on music and video streaming and offers data at a cheaper rate for these services. LIT bundles can be brough are availle in bundles that last for 24 hours, for 7 days or for 31 days.

Telkom LIT bundles work for the following streaming services:

  • Apple Music
  • Google Play Music and Google Movies
  • Simfy
  • CliffCentral
  • YouTube
  • Netflix SA
  • Showmax and DSTV

Telkom LIT Bundle Prices

Daily bundles (24-Hour Validity)

  • 75 MB      – R4
  • 100 MB    – R7
  • 250 MB    –     R13
  • 500 MB    –     R20
  • 1 GB        –     R30
  • 2 GB        –     R50

Weekly bundles (7-Day Validity)

  • 250 MB    –     R15
  • 500 MB    –     R25
  • 1 GB        –     R40
  • 2 GB        –     R70
  • 3 GB        –     R100
  • 5 GB        –     R150

Monthly bundles (31-Day Validity)

  • 500 MB    –     R40
  • 1 GB        –     R60
  • 2 GB        –     R100
  • 3 GB        –     R140
  • 5 GB        –     R200
  • 10 GB      –     R280
  • 25 GB      –     R350
  • 50 GB      –     R400

LIT Music Bundle

  • 10 GB      –     R100

Telkom Mobile Once-Off Data Bundle Prices

It is very common these days to see people walking around with Telkom MiFi routers. This is because of how affordable Telkom’s data has become. You can now keep what ever network you want for your phone calls an general use and use a Telkom for data only. For people who use data primarily and in large amounts, there are Telkom LTE bundles which are by far the best value or money for data in South Africa. These are the cheapest Telkom Mobile data prices you can get. To get these prices, you will have to be on the Telkom LTE-A tariff.

How To Change Telkom Mobile Tariff

To change Tariffs, you have to have a Telkom sim card in a cell-phone. Unfortunately, you can not change tariffs any other way like online or on their app. To change Tariffs you have to dial 180 from a phone and then choose the tariff that you want. Note that once you change to a tariff, you cannot change away from that tariff for 31 days.

Telkom Mobile LTE Prices

The data prices for Telkom LTE/LTE-A are as follows:

10 GB +  10 GB Once-Off          R249.00
20 GB +  20 GB Once-Off          R355.00
40 GB +  40 GB Once-Off          R455.00
60 GB +  60 GB Once-Off          R555.00
100 GB  +  100 GB Once-Off          R755.00
200 GB  +  200 GB Once-Off          R1055.00

When buying Telkom Data you get a data bundle and the night time data. The Night time data can be used between 12am and 6am. When you have both night time data, it will drain before the anytime data does. Additionally, when if you have two different bundles on the same sim card, the one that you bought first will always expire first. I have had past situations with other networks where the data that was expiring later was depleted first so it’s great to have this standard where older data expires first.

Telkom LTE Network Reception

The downside to Telkom data is that outside of big cities, there is a chance that you might get limited reception or even no reception at all. The data works only on Telkom towers, and does not roam on MTN towers, unlike the other data. You should study the Telkom LTE coverage map before buying large data packs. Alternatively, you can buy the smallest you can afford and test it out.                                                                                                                                            When I first signed up for Telkom Mobile, I stayed in Middleburg, Mpumanga, which is a smaller town. The place where I stayed was covered in a limited way but where I worked was not covered. I worked on a mine between Middelburg and Witbank but fortunately, I found that I still had reception. On the other hand, while on holiday in Hartenbos near Mossel Bay, I had no reception at all the whole time I was there, which was unexpected. So you should test out the area whether there is reception or not as the map is not a guarantee of whether or not you will have reception. Sim Cards are free and all you need is a your ID and proof of registration for RICA requirements.

Data Rollover

Following the ICASA ruling that data should roll-over, networks have been very reluctant to comply to that ruling. Telkom has led the way partially by being the first increase the rollover period to two months. When you but an LTE package, the night-time data expires after 30 days but the anytime data expires after 60 days.

Contract will usually be cheaper than prepaid but the prepaid is very competitive. They also have the month Telkom Big Deal which is tied to contract offers where you get data at cheaper rates than pre-paid for 24 months, and get a router device to go with it, whether it is the Hauwei B315 Wireless Router for the home or a portable MiFi router. The MiFi router, by itself costs R600 for the cheapest one while the B315 Router costs about R1400 so there are some savings to be made.

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