8 Beauty Affiliate Programs in South Africa (2023)

If you are looking for the best beauty affiliate programs in South Africa, look no further. It’s no secret that we all search for financial freedom as life progresses. Sometimes financial freedom may require adding to your current earnings, which a few have found the answer to earning a second income through beauty affiliate programs. Many have successfully turned this into a full-time work-from-home opportunity with the right beauty affiliate program and plenty of self-motivation.

How do Beauty Affiliate Programs work?

Affiliate marketing requires recommending a product or service by posting it on a blog, social media platform, or website. Each time someone purchases using the affiliate’s unique link with their referral, the affiliate earns a commission.

 Benefits of affiliate marketing

  • Part-time or full-time flexibility
  • Additional income stream
  • Partner with brands in your niche
  • Work from anywhere
  • No specific expertise required

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List of Beauty Affiliate Programs in South Africa

Beauté Affiliate Program

Beaute is a newly launched online store that sells some really popular skincare products. Their products include some well-known names like Ponds, and the Dr Rashel line of products that has been selling like hot cakes lately and has been generating a lot of views on YouTube and social media so these would be some good products to promote.

Their commission is between 5% and 10% depending on the brand and the tier of the affiliate. Beaute’s aim is to increase their product line to eventually include all of the brands found on shops, so their product line will continue to increase as the months go on. You can visit their website to check them out first or sign up for their affiliate programs at the link below.

Cosmetology Affiliate Program

Suppose you are a beauty influencer who already recommends products for free. In that case, the Cosmetology Affiliate Program is the program that can help you earn some cash just by recommending their products. As an affiliate, you are provided with a link when you signup for free. Adding this link to your recommendations on social media or any other media earns you cash as soon as one of your followers uses your link to make a purchase.

Cosmetology is a business that has focused its attention on luxury skin and health care that best suits the South African climate. The product offering is inclusive and has a varied range for all skin types making this a go-to for people who don’t want to spend too much time looking for what they want. Cosmetology Affiliate Program offers continued support to its affiliates in product information, on-demand advice from their experts, and advertising banners, among many others.

The online order system is easy to follow for any new buyer or affiliate. Affiliates are also offered the advantage of cashing out after each sale or letting the funds accumulate to an amount you want to cash out.

Retail Box Affiliate Program

Retail Box is a South African online store that was established in 2013. This online store strives to offer professional beauty and hair products. They are stockists of well-known brands such as Redken, Kérastase, and Nioxin.

Retail Box offers a very easy to navigate affiliate program to South African influencers. Influencers are provided with an opportunity to put the traffic they generate on social media platforms, blogs, and websites to good use. Each affiliate is given a unique link that they can use on banners, social links, or any medium they work on. There is no tier system for this affiliate program; influencers earn a commission for every sale made using their affiliate link.

The program is highly transparent. Every affiliate is given a personal login account on signup. On this platform, the affiliate is able to track earnings easily. The information generated can also help the influencer determine which media are working best to help improve their marketing attempts.

Vaadi Organics Affiliate Program

Vaadi Organics is a cosmetics affiliate company with a global presence in 22 countries. This affiliate company prides itself in manufacturing products using Ayurvedic science and modern technology to create its unique range. The products are an easy sell amongst those looking for natural and organic friendly products. With all the proper certifications and the adherence to creating quality products, Vaadi still manages to keep its prices affordable.

Becoming an affiliate of Vaadi Organics offers one the opportunity of earning commissions between 10% to 20% in their 3-tiered program. While this may seem like a lucrative offer, a few terms and conditions need to be adhered to achieve these commissions. When understanding Vaadi Organics policies, you need to note that you would need to sell at least R10,000 worth of products in a month to make any commission. This requirement might be difficult for most affiliates that are just starting. The target is most likely achievable, but anyone who wishes to sign up must be willing to forgo an income while building up a customer base.


Ever Beauty Affiliate Program

In 2018 Ever Beauty established its online beauty store. With a brand presence since 2003, Ever Beauty’s primary goal is to provide affordable and cruelty-free beauty products that are quality tested.

Ever Beauty offers clients the opportunity to shop online for various items from fragrances, lashes, makeup, wellness, and accessories. Affiliates who use their social media, websites, and blogs to recommend Ever Beauty products earn a 10% commission for each sold item. To qualify as an affiliate, you would be required a minimum of R200 on the online store. This is a requirement so that affiliates try out Ever Beauty products and share honest experiences.

This affiliate program allows you to keep track of your sales and performance with a personalised login profile. You can also keep track of your earnings on the same platform. When it comes to your earnings, you are given the option to cash out your earnings or convert your earnings to store credit. The store credit allows the affiliate to shop online, and they then use the credit as payment. All earnings are calculated monthly and can be requested between the 7th and 15th of each month. In addition to the commission, affiliates also get a 10% discount when shopping at the online store.

The Beauty Regime Affiliate Program

The Beauty Regime Affiliate Program offers less commonly known beauty products and accessories to the South African market. Their online shop is not only focused on beauty but also offers health food products. You can easily find gluten-free products, coconut oil, vegan options, and healthier alternatives for everyday grocery items in the health food category. Their product offerings are more diverse than other beauty affiliate programs in South Africa, especially with the addition of a health food category.

This affiliate program is free and simple to join. You have to fill out an online form and create your unique online profile. Once you have met all the requirements, an affiliate link is created, which you then share through your various media. Affiliates earn a 4% commission on total monthly sales made using the referral link.

Bronx Affiliate Program

The Bronx Affiliate Program is a beauty affiliate program run by the Beauty Connexion. The streets of New York City inspire its product line, adding to the variety and creative product design. Taking into consideration various ethnic groups, Beauty Connexion creates trend-setting products for all skin types.

The product line for this affiliate program is trendy makeup palettes, lip care and makeup accessories. Influencers who sign up earn a 15% commission on qualifying sales. An online tool allows affiliates to track their sales and provides more information on what clients click on. An affiliate link generator is also provided so that affiliates can create unique links to products which they then provide to their audience.

Joining Bronx Affiliate Program is made simple; all you need to do is provide your email on the website. There is no joining fee required.

How to choose the right affiliate program?

Pick products you believe in

If you are an influencer who likes Earth-friendly products, you should work with affiliates that resonate with the same goals. Creating content on a topic, you are already familiar with would be much simpler than starting from scratch on a new topic.

Earnings structure

It is essential to read the terms and conditions of any affiliate program. Going for the program that pays the highest commission is the easy answer. But do they require you to earn a certain amount before getting a payout? It is easy to get trapped into the higher earning potential offer, but it may be easier to work with an affiliate with lower commission structures but easier payout terms.

Are there good tools and resources available in the affiliate program

Affiliate programs that work the best make the promotional process a lot easier. They offer affiliates the necessary advertising tools such as banner advertisements, email templates and product data. In addition, learning resources are provided, and continuous support is offered.


You may find that not all beauty affiliate programs in South Africa will be a good fit for you when starting. If this is the case and one doesn’t work, try another. You will grow and learn which ones convert better and generate better income as you try out new programs. Some of these programs may take a little longer to show results, so you may need to wait a few months instead of jumping from program to program.

It is important to remember that affiliate marketing does require leg work from you once signed up. Developing the right content for various products is necessary to achieve positive results. Many go into these programs not willing to put in the work to grow their income. You will likely reap the rewards if you treat this like any salary paying job giving it the same dedication and motivation.



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