Buy A Domain In South Africa

If you are looking to buy a domain in South Africa and want to know how to make the right choice, then you have come to the right place. When you are about to build a website then registering a domain is likely the first step you will be taking.

There are different aspects of getting a website off the ground. There is web hosting, domain and the actual website. Hosting is the server space that you use to store all the data that makes up your website and also a necessary part of building the website.

What is a Domain Name

The domain name is the label that describes where your website can be found. Once you have registered a domain name, the website address and email addresses linked to the domain are yours for the time that you have registered. A good analog is that a domain is like a vacant stand that you will build on. If you come up with a good domain name and it is available, it is best to register it as soon as possible so that it belongs to you and you don’t face the risk of someone else registering the domain. Once a domain is yours, it is yours for the time that you have bought it for. The period can be 1 year a 10 year

How To Choose The Domain

The most important decision when choosing a domain, after the name that you will choose, is the top-level domain, or domain suffix. That is the part of the domain after the unique name that you choose and the dot. For example, you can have a .com, .net , . org or top-level domain among other. A local top-level domain like is the best if you are aiming primarily at an audience within a specific country.

The TLD gives users a clue on what the website is about. You must choose the TLD based on what you intend to use the website for. For example, .edu is generally used by educational institutions. Local domain suffixes receive priority in search engine results and they can rank (reach the top of the results) much quicker than other TLDs. They also help users to be able to identify web sources that will likely be more relevant to them geographically. These are the key factors when looking at domain registration in South Africa.

So if you are aiming at an international audience, the best bet is always .com. If you are using it for an organization or a specified entity, .org and .net can work as well if it fits with the image.

Where You Can Buy A Domain In South Africa?

Domain registrars are companies that can book a certain domain for you so long as it is not taken by another company elsewhere on the internet. If you buy it for a year, you will have to renew it each year and if you don’t the domain will expire. You can can buy a domain in South Africa from one of the following websites that specialise in domain registration and web hosting.

Once you have registered your domain and paid for the yearly fee, it will typically be registered within 24 hours. In most cases it takes a few minutes and your domain can be used after less than an hour. You have now bought your domain and are ready to build your website.

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