8 Ways To Earn Extra Money In South Africa

Sometimes you need a bit more cash to meet your requiremetns so we have listed 8 ways to extra money in South Africa. Whethere it is that extra to make ends meet or whether you want to save up for a something, there are options that you can take advantage off to put a little extra in your pocket. It doesn’t have to be that complicated to earn additional income so we have given you some options that can work for you.

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Rent Your Car Out

If you have a car, you can rent it out through a peer to peer car rental platform when you are not using it. In South Africa there is a platform called RenrMyRide that brings together car owners and people who are looking to rent a car. The platform is available in all the major cities of South Africa. You can go on there and find people who are near to you who are looking for a car to rent out. If you are a car owner, RentMyRide has a comprehensive third party insurance for when your car is being rented out. You can rent your car out for anything from three days to as long as you want to put it on the platform for rental.

For more information on how to rent your car out, read of full review on RentMyRIde

Online Surveys and Microtasks.

Online surveys are a decent way to make extra cash. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to get into so even students are pupils with extra time on their hands can partake. To get into online surveys you only need to be at least 13 years old, or 17 in some cases and have an internet connection. The work entails completing surveys, in other words, just giving your opinion and answering questions about your personal profile. There are many survey companies that you can join, both local and global. The local survey companies usually pay through gift cards mostly and the international surveys pay in both gift cards and cash.

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Freelancing Online

Freelancing is using a skill that you have and networking to perform jobs for clients on a job by job basis. If you have a qualification or a skill that you are good at, y ou can freelance. With the proliferation of the internet, freelancing is a lot more accessible than it used to be. In the past, you would have to go out and seek clients and build relationships in order to freelance successfully. Today with internet marketing and social media, it is much easier to market yourself.

There are freelance marketplaces online like upwork and fiverr where you can market your craft to people all over the world. Because of its global nature, you can do work from people all over the world. This means that you have access to a greater pool of potential clients and you can do this all online without the logistical hassle of going out and networking.

Start A Blog

Starting a blog in South Africa is one of the best businesses to invest in today. It is very accessible and affordable. All you need is hosting, an internet connection and a computer. The overhead costs for a website business are very low and the business and you can work on it in your spare time if you are studying or perhaps already have another job. With a website, you can build a business asset that can build up to a full salary and pay you for years to come. Summed up, the process consists of building a website, writing content for it, and then monetizing your content once you have traffic.

You can make money through advertising, sponsored posts, through writing guest blogs on other websites. Additionally, you can monetize through affiliate marketing or sell your own products, both physical and informational. You can start of by building a free website on a hosting platform. For a more detailed breakdown, read our guide on how to start a website in South Africa.

Drive for Uber

When you drive for Uber, you can set up your own schedule and make money on your own terms. The hours are fairly flexible and you can choose to drive during the day or at night, or even only on Saturdays if you that’s what is convenient for you. You can drive as much or as little as you want and you will meet a variety of different people and have potentially interesting conversations. If you are interested in being an Uber driver, sign up on their website.

Become Food Delivery Driver

If you don’t like talking to people that much, you can drive food around instead. There are several services in South Africa that you can register with such as Uber Eats, Mr Delivery or Order In. You can become a Delivery Driver with either a car or a scooter so the entry point is also a bit lower than if you are transporting people.

Advertise On Your Car

If you have a car, you can have advertising on it and get paid for it. There are car wrapping companies that you can enquire with if you are interested in branding your car. You apply to one of the companies and if you are selected for a campaign, your car is wrapped in promotional material and you can earn up to R3000 a month. All you have to do is drive around as you normally would, and engage with people about the brand in person and through your social media channels. If you are interested in how to advertising on your car in South Africa, you can visit the websites of brandyourcar.com and brandpromo.co.za for more information.

Run Errands For Other People

If you have time free to make a bit if cash, you can run errands for other people. There are always people needing someone to run errands such as transporting things, cleaning a flat, fixing small appliances or even giving someone a lift. There is a website, Errandworld.co.za which is a task platform and has a wide variety of errands that you can run for a few bucks, to requests that use qualified skills and make a few thousands. You are sure to find something there if you are looking for errands to run. All you need to do is sign up on their website and browse for a task that you are interested in. If you are interested in such errands you can check out websites like Errandworld.co.za and Rent-A-Student.

Direct Selling

Direct selling involves the buying of products from a parent company and selling them to people you know at a mark up. A popular example of direct marketing products is Avon, Justine and Forever Living. These products are well-known to South African families already and they are only available through direct selling from a representative. They cannot be bought in store so when you gain customers for a product, the likelihood of return business is high. The parent company for direct marketing products will usually give product training and attractive brochures with different specials every month.

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