How To Use eWallet

eWallet is a cash transfer service that was introduced by FNB. It allows us to send money to individuals without the need for a bank account on the receiver’s end. All you do is you send money to the receiver’s cellphone number. They will receive a message telling them that you have sent money, and they can go to any FNB ATM to withdraw the money within as specified time period.

There are two sides to using FNB eWallet, the first is on the sending side and the other is to send money to a recipient. All you need to be able to receive eWallet money is a valid South African phone number on which you can receive the funds.

The same applies to sending, with the difference that if you want to send an eWallet using the app, you will need a smartphone and the FNB App installed. You will also need enough airtime or data to conduct the sending transaction.

There are two ways to send money through eWallet. The first and most common method used, is by using the FNB App The second way to send money to eWallet is by using a cellphone without the app (also known as cellphone banking).

How To Send eWallet with FNB App

  1. Open the FNB App
  2. Go To Payments
  3. Go to “Send Money”
  4. Go to eWallet
  5. Choose the account that you want send the money from (if you have more than one account linked to the FNB App
  6. Enter the amount that you want to send via eWallet
  7. Choose the number to send the money to (You can search from the number in your contacts by pressing the plus sign next to “Cell”)
  8. Check the box that says “Send ATM Pin to Recipient” if you want them to receive the pin

Once you are done, the recipient will receive an SMS with a 5 digit pin notifying them that they have received money in the eWallet and the that they have 16 hours to withdraw the money with the pin.

How To Send eWallet with your phone

To Send eWallet using the cellphone without the app, follow the steps below:

Dial *120*321# from your mobile phone

  1. Select ‘Send Money’
  2. Select ‘eWallet’
  3. Select the account you want to send money from (if you have more than 1 account).
  4. Enter in the cellphone number you want to send
  5. Enter the amount of money that you want to send.
  6. Select ‘Yes’ to send an SMS with an ATM PIN to the recipient so that they can withdraw from the ATM.
  7. Confirm the amount and cellphone number.

You can only Send Money From an FNB account

You can also use the code to do things like check how much you have in your eWallet that is associated with your number.

eWallet has a daily limit of R5000. This means that as a recipient, you cannot receive or spend more than R5000 in a day. Additionally, an eWallet can only hold R5000. If you have R5000 in your eWallet, you cannot receive anymore until you spend some of what you have.

The monthly limit for eWallet is R25000.

Do I Have To Pay to use eWallet?

As a recipient there are no charges for using eWallet. A transaction fee is charged to the sender when they send the money to you. That is the only charge that is involved in usage of the service.

When you send someone money through eWallet there will be a checkbox that you can in order to send the recipient a pin that they can use at the ATM to with draw the money. If you forget to send them the pin there is a way for them to get the pin.

How To Get eWallet Pin?

If you have forgotten your eWallet pin or it was not sent to you by the sender, you can follow the following steps.

· Dial “*120*277#” on your mobile phone

· Press “1” to select “Withdraw Cash”.

· Press “1” to select “Get ATM PIN”.

You will now get an SMS with your new pin. The pin is valid for 16 hours after it is generated.

This will also allow you to reset your eWallet pin to a new one if you think that your current pin has been compromised.

How To Withdraw Money From eWallet

You will need to go to any FNB ATM and follow the steps as laid out below

  1. Select Cardless Withdrawal
  2. Select eWallet Services
  3. Enter your cellphone number
  4. Enter the eWallet pin that was sms’ed to you
  5. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw

And that sums up the process of using eWallet. Below, we will provide some answers to some common questions with regards to eWallet. For the full document on how to use eWallet and all the terms and conditions associated, you can check out the eWallet section on the official FNB Website.

How long is an eWallet transfer valid?

From the moment the eWallet is sent, it is valid for 12 business days. If the eWallet is not activated within that time period, the funds will be sent back to the account of the sender.

Can You Reverse An eWallet Transaction?

No. There is no option to reverse an eWallet transaction once you have sent the money. The only thing near to a solution is if the recipient agrees to not withdraw the money for 12 business days until the funds are returned to the sender. Any changes or removal of the pin can only be made by the person who the money was sent to on their cellphone, as they are the one who receives the pin to give access to the eWallet.

What is the minimum amount for eWallet withdrawal?

The minimum amount that you can withdraw at an ATM is R20. This can, however vary from ATM to ATM, and if the ATM does not issue R20 notes that time, the minimum will probably be R50. It is also possible to withdraw less than R20 if it is from a participating retailer.

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    • E-wallets funds that are sent are tied to a cell-phone number. That means that it’s not tied to you in any other way so FNB can’t “have your correct cell phone number”. What you can do is check if there are eWallet funds that have been sent to your phone number. Do that by dailing 120*277# as explained above. I hope that makes clear sense to you.


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